About SlotsPaper.com
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Purpose of the website
The ultimate goal of SlotsPaper.com is to review every single online slot game available. Of course, this is a long-term project and it will not happen overnight. But we review online slots on a daily basis and we are getting close to completion by the day.

The purpose is to give the gambler a prospective and information about individual video slots, without having to sign up at an online casino first. You can come and read all the reviews, browse through screenshots or just play free slots.

How it works?
We have accounts at online casinos using different software platforms (thus offering different online slots), and we play each individual video slot.

As we love playing online slots, we give our opinion about each one, along with screenshots and basic information. Some people may not agree with our reviews, but we still provide unbiased data.

How can I contact you?

You can feel free to email us with tips, feedback and suggestions at: